Folger and the Community

Engaging with the District


The Folger Shakespeare Library wants to engage the surrounding community with new and exciting programs and events. CrossTalk: DC Reflects on Identity and Difference is a public humanities project supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Folger, along with partner organizations across the city, will bring together people of all ages, races, religions, professions, and lives – including scholars, educators, community and religious leaders – to talk across, using bits of both plays as the catalyst for dialogue.

The basic questions: How do racial and religious identities foster both tolerance and polarization? What are the grounds of personal and cultural identity?

Folks will gather at the Folger and at our partner organizations across the city to consider the questions posed by these plays, and which remain pivotal in our own lives today.

Here in DC, we are a city divided, in particular, by race. The Folger Shakespeare Library is a multi-faceted DC institution literally built on Shakespeare, a man whose plays have forcefully addressed the most troubling aspects of being human – and of being different – for almost 400 years. Serving as a catalyst for conversations around these issues are on time for us, or perhaps even past time.

CrossTalk Partners